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Join host Dr. Katie Leonard as she interviews public officials, industry leaders, and experts in their field. Listen as they discuss regional opportunity, national economic issues, and the evolving role that technology plays in our job market.

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ryan leckey

The Northeastern Pennsylvania Community

Find out how two prominent Northeastern Pennsylvania figures decided to grow roots right here in NEPA after moving here. Join host Dr. Katie Leonard as she invites Ryan Leckey, Emmy nominated TV personality of WNEP, to share their experiences moving to Northeastern Pennsylvania along with what made them want to stay here, the mental and physical effects of COVID-19 from work to family, and the relationship between Johnson College and the NEPA community.

The Pandemic’s Influence on Healthcare and Mental Health

This pandemic has taught us that our health depends on each other and that we are stronger together. Join host Dr. Katie Leonard as she invites LaTida Smith, President and CEO of the Moses Taylor Foundation, to share her insight on the importance of normalizing and valuing mental health, the influence of the healthcare system during the coronavirus pandemic, and how people can seize opportunities in the healthcare field – especially locally. They also touch upon the partnership between Johnson College and the Moses Taylor Foundation which was formed because of the myriad of healthcare opportunities Johnson College offers along with the desire both organizations feel to educate people in the healthcare industry.

Skilled Technicians
are In-Demand

You might not think about the importance of strong communication skills and the mastering of emotional soft skills, but these traits are valued by all employers and surprisingly useful in the auto-industry. Join host Dr. Katie Leonard, as she invites Darryl Jayne, General Manager at Gibbons Ford, to share industry stories of the auto industry and the skilled technicians that have come about through the partnership that Gibbons Ford and Johnson College has established.

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