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Join host Dr. Katie Leonard as she interviews public officials, industry leaders, and experts in their field. Listen as they discuss regional opportunity, national economic issues, and the evolving role that technology plays in our job market.

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teri ooms feature

The Nation’s Skills-Gap and How It Effects Northeast Pennsylvania

What is the “skills-gap” and what does it mean to not only Northeast Pennsylvania, but to our nation. Join host Dr. Katie Leonard as she talks with guest, Teri Ooms, where they discuss what contributing factors helped to establish the nation’s skills-gap and what steps can be taken to help close it. They’ll discuss the in-demand careers for skilled workforce in our region, and address generational stigmas associated with what is considered a successful career.

Kellie Barrett

How has the Global Pandemic Effected the Job Demand of the Skilled Workforce

What impact has the Coronavirus made on our nation’s skilled workforce and how have essential businesses adapted in order to remain efficient during this hard economical time? Dr. Katie Leonard and Kellie Barrett discuss the how the Stay-at-home mandate for Pennsylvania has effected the everyday operations of the transportation services of Road Scholar, as well as how the education of Johnson College students has evolved online, yet still providing hands-on education to the future skilled workforce of our nation.

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